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Baitullah Project pleased to present Part 1 of the Baitullah project. In the coming months we will be presenting further parts of this project in which we will aim to cover an overall understanding of Baitullah.

We advise using a large A3 sketchbook, which will help keep all the components of the project in one place.

This project is meant to be a fun and creative activity for the student, where they can present what they have learnt using their imagination. Making this project will help them to grasp and understand the concepts in an enjoyable and creative manner.

  • To make this project successful and reach its full potential, it is imperative for the parent to guide the student along the way in order to make sure that the student understands the main concepts correctly. Emphasis should be put on the main points so the student retains those concepts. The details help their understanding of the main points, but are secondary. After making this project the child should come out having a wholesome understanding about Baitullah.

After finishing your project, you may send it to us at We may display your project on our website!

Click here to begin Part 1!

If you have any questions on the material published please email us at

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