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Baitullah Project Part 2

Table of Contents
ashaab al feel
Click here to view Part 1 of the Baitullah Project
Riwayat: Ashaab al Feel
Moulana ali wiladat
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Riwayat: Moulana Ali AS Wiladat
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Guidelines and Ideas
Guidelines and Ideas

Guidelines and ideas to get you started in making the project.

Here we present Part 2 of the Baitullah project.

Aim of Part 2 of this project - The main aim of Part 2 is for students to be exposed to the riwayats of Baitullah and for them to understand the significance and importance of Baitullah in our history. The two riwayats presented in this part are: 1) Ashaab al Feel, and 2) Moulana Ali Wiladat.

Where to start:

  • Student should watch the two riwayat videos on the website, then do the worksheet provided to assess understanding of the concepts.

  • Students should then present the central message of the riwayats in a sketchbook. This can be done by writing, illustrating or any other creative manner.

Students: You are trying to present these two riwayats of Baitullah in your own way. You can draw out the different events that take place. You can label and sketch the geographical region. Be as creative as possible.

The main aim of Part 2 project is to present the riwayats of Ashaab al Feel and Moulana Ali Wiladat in a clear and creative way.

Be creative, use colours, cut outs, different materials, pop ups and anything that will add to the project.

After finishing your project, you may send it to us at We may display your project on our website!

If you have any questions on the material published please email us at

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