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‘Riwayat’ means story, and when used in our context it refers to true stories – incidents and occurrences of special note – in the history of all our hudat. One might say that history is made up of many many riwayats. These riwayats have been documented over hundreds of years by referenced sources in books of history, especially the history of Islam/Dawat.

The riwayats as presented here (especially for young children of mumineen) open a door towards understanding the maqamaat and shaanaat of awliyaullah – panjetan, imams, dais and hudaat kiraam. The aim of presenting these riwayats is to instill within our children love and respect for our hudaat kiraam, provide them with inspiring role-models, and give them a glimpse of the richness of our history and traditions.

The aim/purpose of the read along riwayat is also to encourage the child to read along and thereby practices reading skills in Dawat ni zabaan.

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