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AHK Introduction

The Ayat, Hadith and Kalaam, are the words of Allah, of Rasulullah and our Imams and Duat respectively.  This section aims to present in every segment one Ayat from the Quraan, one Hadith of Rasulullah SA, and one Kalaam of Maulana Ali AS/ Imam / Dai. 

The Quraan, which is the words of Allah, is the source of all wisdom and meaning. The words of Awliyaullah are derived from the divine knowledge inherent within the Quraan. Syedna Qadi al-Nu’man in his kitaab ‘Al Majalis wal Musaayeraat’ repeatedly emphasizes the importance and value of the words of Awliya Kiraam. He stresses time and again that their words are filled with deep wisdom and meaning. He also says that all words expressed by Rasulullah, Amirul mumineen and Imams and Duat are reinforced by Ayats in the Quraan which are similar in meaning. 

Rasulullah SA himself is known to have said that ‘If, after me, you come across words/sayings attributed to me then to verify the validity of the saying compare the words to what has been said in the Quraan. If they are in synchrony with the Quraan, then know that they are my words, if not, then know that they are not’.

Rasulullah’s Hadith about Maulana Ali states that ‘Wisdom speaks on the tongue of Ali’, and is enough to underscore the value of words expressed by Amirul Mumineen.

We believe that the words and meanings of the Ayat, Hadith and Kalaam embody eternal wisdoms that can guide our life with the light of truth. We urge all mumineen and their children to partake of the barakaat and wisdom in these words by reading and contemplating on their meanings. We encourage all who read it to strive to imbibe the hidayat within these Ayat, Hadith, Kalaam and apply it to their own particular contexts in their daily lives in order to add meaning and quality to their way of living.

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