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خير الانام محمد

Khayr ul Anaame Mohammadun
By: A Shia
Dawat ni Zaban Khulaso

دعاتو يه رسم كيدي ؛ كه محرم الحرام ني وعظ مبارك نا ثثهلا خير الانام نا قصيدة ثثرهائي.

اْ قصيدة ايك شيعة شخص يه لكها ؛.

لكهنار ثثنجتن ني ذكر سي شروع كرسس ؛ كه محمد علي فاطمة حسن حسين خيرالانام ؛، سككلا لوككو ما خير ؛. اْثث سككلا ني عظيم شانات انسس فضائل ني ذكر كرسس ؛، انسس حسين امام ني ايك ايك مصيبة ياد كري نسس روئي ؛(بكاء كرسس ؛). اخير ما رسول الله انسس اْثثنا اهل بيت ثثر صلوات سي تمام كرسس ؛.

English Introduction

Duat Mutlaqeen have made it a custom to pray the “Khayr ul-anaam” marsiya at the start of each waaz mubarak during the days of Ashara Mubaraka. This marsiya was written by a Shia poet.


It begins with the madeh of Panjetan, Mohammad Rasulullah (SA), Maulana Ali (AS), Maulatuna Fatema (AS), Maulana Hasan (AS), and Maulana Husain (AS), who, along with their Progeny, the Aimmat Tahereen, are the ‘khayr ul-anaam’, the best of all people. The first few verses praise their illustrious station and laud their guidance of the world to salvation. The poet then visualizes himself in Karbala. Recalling the calamities that befell Aqa Husain AS and his Ahle-bait and Ashaab, his greif is renewed and he weeps and laments. He ends with salawaat on our Nabi Mohammed SA and his Progeny.

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