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Fiqeh Guidelines

Explanation of how to use the Fiqeh Module

This section of Fiqeh presents the foundation of our Deen and Shari'at, and aims to convey it's jurisprudence to strengthen mumineen and their farzando's adeptness and proficiency in performing the various actions included within it, as well as deepen their understanding of the laws of Shari'at.


Dawat ni Zabaan Text and Audio

Each section contains Dawat ni Zabaan text on the subject matter as well as a side by side audio narration. Parents should encourage their children to read along with the audio narration provided to create a more engaging experience for the child, helping him/her to remember more clearly the key points of the content.


For older children or those more proficient in reading Dawat ni Zabaan, you should try reading with the narration at first, and then attempt reading the content on your own.


English Translation

Each topic will also contain an English translation in a PDF format for children who are still learning Dawat ni Zabaan. However it is discouraged that the child only view the English Translation. He/she should rather view it alongside the Dawat ni Zabaan text to help him/her learn the language.


Tiered Content

Certain content will also be tiered by difficulty and level of understanding. Younger children should start with level one so as to convey only the basic principles of the content, and to hold the interest of the child.


Older children and those feeling more confident should try viewing level 2 and 3, which will include more depth and detail, giving a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


Parents should judge what level their child is at, and teach them content in accordance, so that the child does not feel out of their depth and lose interest.


Riwayat's pertaining to the subject matter:

Many sections will include riwayats and Qissa's of our Mawali Tahereen. After each riwayat a 'moral of the story' will be included; this will explain the significance behind the riwayat and will portray its key points.

Parents should make sure the child is engaged and confirm that he/she has understood the key message.

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