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Fatemi Madrasa is pleased to present the Wazeefa Multi Media eModule. “Wazeefo” literally means “precious daily task” and this module is designed to encourage our children to do tasbih of the names of our Awliyaullah everyday so that they imbibe the barakat of these names and this wazeefo becomes an intrinsic part of them as they grow up.

Who are the Awliyaullah of our era? They are Panjetan Paak, Imams and Du’at Mutlaqeen.  Awliyaullah are Allah’s representatives among us; it is they who know and show us the way to Allah, it is they who will lead us to Heaven if we follow their guidance. They are thus the focus of our love and devotion. They are the source of our greatest blessings and the cause of our salvation. Maarefat (recognition) of them is the bedrock of our aqeeda, the foundation of our deen. Imam Mohammed ul Baqir SA has said, “What is deen but Love?!” – Deen starts with love: love of God, and love of His Awliya (followed by love of Mumineen, and then love of humans, and all living things).

We recite the litany (tasbeeh) of Awliyaullah’s names after every farizat namaaz (in taqarrub, Du’at fateha, and doa le-Dai-l-asr). We remember all the Awliya and we remember Allah when we recite the names of Panjetan, the waaris of the Imams – Imam uz Zamaan Tayyeb SA – and the Imam’s na’ib, waaris of the Du’at, Dai-z-Zamaan Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS.

By reciting these names, we remind ourselves of the purpose of our lives on Earth. Even just reciting their names brings blessings. Remembering them with gratitude should be a part of our everyday lives. Thus, we regularly pray “wazaifuna tasbihu asmaa’ikum aya * banil Mustafa daaban wa ne’mal wazaa’ifu” (reciting the litany of your names O Aale Muhammad, is our wazifa, our precious daily task). It is also in this light that Syedna Qutbuddin wrote “tasbih kare che Mumineen” in remembrance of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA.

When we recite the names of our Awliyaullah, they come to our aid in our times of need. The famous doa, naade aliyyan mazharul ajaaeb, tajidho awnallaka fin nawaebe, says, “call out the name of Ali, manifestation of wonders, and he will come to your aid in your times of difficulty.”

Wazeefa video
Wazeefa Video

Do tasbeeh of wazeefa with this pray along video

Audio to familiarize with text and sound

Click on audio button and familiarize with with text and sound







امام الزمان طيِّب

سيدنا محمد برهان الدين رض

سيدنا طاهر سيف الدين رض

سيدنا خزيمة قطب الدين رض

سيدنا طاهر فخر الدين طع

لا حول و لا قوة الا

بالله العلي العظيم

اللهم صل على محمد

و على اْل محمد

وبارك وسلم

Coloring book
Color and decorate the names!
Click on the image to access the coloring book
Writing practice
Practice writing the names!

Color coded words to show morphology and practice writing with dot to dot.

Click on the image to access the practice book
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