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Fatemi Madrasa is pleased to present the Mind Map series. In order to help our children assimilate, understand and remember deeni concepts and ideas in a more creative manner, Fatemi Madrasa – under the guidance of Syedna Fakhruddin - aims to make use of available technology and modern teaching methods which enhance learning in children. As part of this initiative, we are happy to present the Mind Map series.

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organise information; it is often created around a single concept, as an image or word in the centre of a blank page, from which associated ideas, words and images branch out towards the periphery of the page. The goal of a mind map is to present a concept in a way which facilitates a deeper understanding and remembering of the basic concept and its related ideas.

The mind maps we present here are very simple and are intended to engage the young learner in trying to connect the main concept with its associated ideas. The child can expand the mind map by adding his/her own connections which in turn will help him/her grasp the main concept in a much more wholesome manner.

With each mind map we provide worksheets for various age groups that are meant to help the child assimilate the concept and can also be used to assess the child’s understanding of the subject matter. The mind map is supposed to be a fun learning tool which is meant to foster learning through creativity.

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